Life Burn Out: The 21st Century Epidemic

Hey you!! You got this, I know you have, its only one more day. Sleep and rest will come, I promise you, there is no need to pray!.
You are strong, you are determined what more is there to say. Life goes on regardless, just focus on To-day!.
Those stars are a warning but also a gift, appreciate, be grateful and embrace the good. Yet also a time of learning there is always more to be understood.
There is no hiding place to be found, the tornado of life has you until it spits you to the ground. The military style mind game of ‘COME ON’ is back on the way. You are investing, your giving your best, although right now it rarely feels this way.
You can socially hide a little no one will know, because soon enough you’ll be back up on the go! In the mean time though, its you against YOU, the mind, the body and the spirit. COME ON its only for To-Day!
That little voice, requesting, demanding always has something to say, lets STOP for a moment and work on your PMA!! You know the story, you have read it many times, but lets take a breather, rest up and see the signs.
You got this, I know you have, its only one more day. You are strong, you are determined Just focus on TO-day!!!
Our bodies and also minds are often pushed to the max through modern day living. If there is insufficient down time rest and re-coop it causes a prolonged stress response, that our bodies were just not meant to deal with. Over time, this ‘wears’ out our natural defence systems, alters hormone balance, suppresses the immune system and causes many minor annoying ailments. In the end sleep will be affected, appetite, mood, gut/digestive function, exercise tolerance and our ability to enjoy life decreases!. Adrenal Burn-out can be a serious issue for some. We often carry on for the sake of others, another deadline, work task or striving for something. Alternatively some feel embarrassed or feel a sense of guilt or shame but its really important to recognise if you have been feeling this for a while, and if so taking some action is the next step.
We can often wear stress & tiredness like a badge of honour! This is not a long term solution. We must STOP re-access and look at ways to improve our health and wellbeing.
Nutrition and sleep play a huge part in healing, but also rest and down-time and our thought patterns are other pieces to the jigsaw here.
Some Signs to Look our for:
Unexplained Lethargy and fatigue (not exercise related)
Increase/Decrease in appetite
Heart Palpitations
Unexplained excess sweating
Energy at night
Inability to get up in the morning
Anxiety and mood disturbances
Stress over little things
Inability to cope, feelings of ‘over whelmed’
Low blood pressure
dark circles under eyes
There are some simple lifestyle solutions, that you can incorporate that support healing.
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