Fat to Fit. The POWER of just getting it done …

This is an awesome example of CONSISTENCY produces results. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Paris over the last few months. As an entrepreneur his work schedule is pretty crazy, and his remit for me was simple “something that would fit into his hectic lifestyle”. He was busy setting up a new business and time was very limited. We got to it, figuring out what was going to fit and work for him, both in training and nutritionally. The long and short of it is, Initially I had to increase his calories and protein levels (KCAL had this 6ft 3″ guy on their “fat loss plan”- 1100kcal & 90g of protein!!) Over all we took a steady approach, NO crazy fad dieting, NO fat burners, NO abstaining and feeling deprived and nothing that required counting or working numbers! His communication was consistent, his nutrition was consistent (I didn’t say perfect, but he WAS consistently tweaking, improving and making mindful effort) and his training schedule became part of his weekly habit.

Paris before pic

Week 1

We didn’t get pedantic about his macro’s, but made sure he was continually progressing towards the “look” he wanted, ‘athletic’ and dropping body fat, without gaining too much mass, as he put it. He didn’t want to buy a new corporate wardrobe. The thing that struck me was that Paris REALLY wanted to make a lifestyle change. He wasn’t interested in ROCKET SPEED FAT LOSS, he wanted to live the life of a health conscious person!! In a relatively short space of time he did it and is living it.

It was not his original goal to enter Bachelor of the Year 2015, but I think you will agree, he’s made INCREDIBLE progress, and I feel he is well deserving of this award! He’s a motivated and hard working professionally, and personally, an all round Nice guy (ladies quite a catch!).

2015-09-09 07.08.07

Week 20

He has altered his lifestyle in mind and body. Is more mindful of his nutrition, has tweaked his social engagements and has remained focused and consistent with living a healthy lifestyle and not a fad … An inspiration to many guys out there!!

Click the link BELOW to vote for Paris in the 2015 Bachelor of the Year Award:
Cast your eyes and votes this way please!! Bachelor of the Year Award.
Paris Cosmo mag


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