Change what you think and do to get more …. It’s a BS Theory!


At this time of year we are bombarded with statements of “make this your best year yet” “new year, new you”. For many people, they need that finality of the previous year, and a brand new year ahead gives them hope that things will be better or life will take them onwards and upwards.

So, you want to begin a new, fine, but think about this, without those past experiences you might not feel like you do today. So, therefore technically your ‘building’ on yourself from the things that have happened right. Not exactly a brand new start! Reflect for a moment what you did in this last year has shaped what you now want from the next week, month, or year ahead!. A here is a couple of other things to consider. What did you learn from the challenges, there are always lessons to learn. Did you pat yourself on the back for any frustrations you overcame? If not do it now.

Don’t completely right off the last year, fail to see or dismiss the good things. Rather, why not look back at 2013 seeing what you DID achieve, what was good, how did it make you stronger, how did you develop as a person, what difference did you make and what was great about it. How has this shaped what you want from the next 12 months?

Yes, for some maybe it was a tough year, but you know what life IS flipping tough sometimes, it’s a human stock market!! There will be booms, busts and steady away years, but no matter what there is always good things to take away. It just needs you to look, see and find it, that’s the harder part, it’s easier to be negative, but, these will be useful to you when applying the BS theory.

So, before I go on, if you didn’t do it already, Just take a few minutes to think about what you see as the positives from the last 365 days. As you now move into 2014 how might you use these experiences to grow and flourish in the areas of life you want to this year?

**Whenever I sit and reflect I actually find it quite empowering. Feeling empowered fertilizes belief, belief builds confidence, confidence creates forward momentum and this is what gets you places!

So, the BS Theory, stands for “Blank Slate Theory”. It doesn’t completely right off all the other “life slates” you have created over the years. No, this is just a new one. That’s right, a new slate of opportunity, fresh new moments ready and waiting for you to create them.

Now, I’m writing this on the start of a new year but you know what the BS Theory applies to any one of the next 365 days, it’s not always on a Monday (or a Sunday here in the UAE), it doesn’t have to be at the beginning of the year or even the beginning of a month! The beauty of this little theory is you can use it whenever you choose, any minute, at any second, on any day!

A Blank Slate is the choice you make at any given moment to DO. Its pretty powerful, as you really have 100% control over this. Why because it starts in your head, with you, your mindset, your belief and your attitude! Its your choice to get up, start making shit happen, to be positive, limitless, face your fears, learn from mistakes, seize opportunities, start a new project, create a new habit and is therefore ultimately your choice to start a new blank slate and stride confidently forward.Once you have decided to apply The Blank Slate Theory, what next? Well, here is a list of 10 simple steps I personally think will help you moving forward.

1). What do you really want? Do you have a goal, a desire, a dream ….. What is this and why is it important to you. Ask yourself the what’s and whys, dig really deep if you need to!

2). Start small to get big. You might want to do something on a grand scale like, start a business or move country and have absolutely no clue as to how to get there. This can be pretty mind blowing and can often stall people from actually getting started. Its ok though, if what you desire is a little out of reach at the moment don’t worry. Start small to get big, just means start doing the little things that will move you towards that dream. Connect with relevant people. Take a course. Do some research.

3). Forge Positive Daily Habits. Create a routine and daily habits that are going to serve you. We often mindlessly go through our days, but I believe if we progress through them with a little more consciousness this helps keeps us more aware of when we might need to make changes to what we are doing.

**We have all driven in the car on auto pilot arriving somewhere (sometimes to the wrong place), wondering how the heck we got there. Life is the same. De-tours, and U-turns may be part of the journey, but pleeeease make sure it’s a choice.

4). Leave your baggage. Our experiences and life past history has the ability to help or hinder us. But for Pete’s sake, get over it. One thing is for sure, if you carry your past negatively like a lead weight it’s going to slow you down. Don’t allow this. It’s your choice. The past is the past, behind you, love it or loath it, learn from it and LEAVE it.

5). Face your fears. Yes, We have all experienced them from time to time, but fear is just a perception, it really is. Looking right into the very eyes of what your fear, can be pretty scary, it means feeling emotion, discomfort and often facing up to a certain belief you have about yourself. You are human, it’s really ok. It’s a good thing. Grabbing Fear by the balls just means that you can start to walk beyond invisible barriers or boundaries you have placed around yourself. This can only serve to broaden your horizons and lead to greater life confidence for you. Absolutely brilliant if you ask me, bring it on baby!

6). Be Kind. Pretty simple, be a good person. Don’t use people, smile often, be positive, help others when you can, donate some free time, offer a compliment. Brightening someone else’s day, it will enrich your own.

7). Be authentically You. Don’t be a fake, try to copy or seek to be like others. There is never a better person to be you than you and you do it brilliantly! 😉

8). Live simply as part of life. Yes, you have a goal and desire but remember not to permanently get caught up in this bigger picture stuff. The simple things in life are just as valuable so make sure you have a good balance. Your family, your friends, hugs, smiles, good memories, kisses, a good nights sleep, or a cosy lay in, sharing laughter, so do make sure you get your fill of these often.

9). A little bit of gratitude goes a long way. Practice being grateful every day, see the things in your life that add value beyond money! NB: they are normally the little things 😉

10). Never Give up. Don’t be defeated and really give a damn. Remember the only limits you place on your ability to reach your desires are the ones you put on yourself. You want to do something then start right now, to live that life. Act, think, speak, and also behave in a way that starts the road map to destination XXX

Thank you for reading xxx

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Marti Susanne Body Composition Coach, Health & Motivational Writer

** this blog was inspired by writings of Rhonda Byrne, Robin Sharma, personal conversations and my own life experiences.

*** It was only by realizing I was mindlessly living in a certain way, one that no longer served me well did I start to really live. Over time I have adopted certain behaviors and daily actions that really have transformed my life. Do I still make mistakes, miss opportunities or get stuff completely wrong. Of course I flipping do, I’m a human being!! Yet, my daily actions and behaviors are now habit.
This year, There have been some amazing moments and not so good, there has been some wonderful people that have come into my life enriching it, and ones that have left it.

All of this has taught me great lessons that will support me in what I have planned for 2014 and I’m ready for it ….




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