Switching the balance with intent ….

Switching the balance ….

Its been quite a long while since I’ve written a blog post. My apologies it’s been a crazy few months ….. For some this might be your first read of my blog & I hope you enjoy …. My style is keeping it real & honest, talking about things i know from experience & often affect others too, I just give it a voice in writing, I’m just me, I dislike drama, stress, just want a simple life & I deliver honest accounts of every day stuff, the direction is usually lifestyle, nutrition, and wellness based. I love questions so if you have any then just shout …

I’m a body composition & lifestyle coach and i work with people to help them live more optimally, look & feel great & help them change aspects of their lives for the healthier & better long term. I’m My happiest when helping support others. My Client retention rate is high In fact since Dubai It’s been 90%.

I absolutely BUZZ off what i do, i Love it when a client tells me they have achieved something they have never done, set goals they were to afraid to do before, over come personal challenges & feel confident enough to tell me about it… Even things like buying new sports wear; skimpy versions, pushing a little harder in the gym, sending ME a recipe, or explaining how they have inspired their family or friends to live a healthier life. Passing on their new knowledge and skills…… All these little things tell me a lot about how far a client has travelled in their journey to life wellness. I’m absolutely passionate about what I do … To the point of obsession. To the point of letting my own life take a back seat more recently. I have drilled into myself, perfection is what counts…. right! ….. wrong actually…..

Since moving to Dubai I have thrived on growing my business. Yes, I’m a trainer But I’m also a lifestyle coach, nutrition coach, recipe maker-up-er, counsellor, stress manager/solution finder, fixer, psychologist (non degree certified!!) friend, confidant, supplement buyer, life-project manager, time finder, mood-booster, comedian & motivator…. I have made myself available at any time of the day for people, its important to me that the clients i work with know that I am there to support them. Its pretty much a 24/7 job at the moment, with the client being the centre of my focus. If I can make them look good, feel good, sleep better, train harder, get mentally stronger, grow in confidence, motivate, inspire to change, banish negative self-chat & walk through life with true purpose, head held high then I am pretty chuffed my work is done …
This is all well and good and I really would not want to change this, except…. There has never been a time in my whole life that it has become so glaringly obvious to me that I need to take my own advice more, focus on myself a little more & quit thinking l have to be so god-damn-perfect. Because in my pursuit of nurturing, and ‘watering’ perfection in work, my personal life has gone a bit brown and stale 🙂 …. I’ve been saying for months, tomorrow I’ll…. <insert something fun here> next week will see me do<insert something nurturing for myself here>….

See, Everything in life is about balance. Give too much to one thing, something else suffers, over time this becomes a chronic problem and sometimes irreversible damage can occur if you don’t sort it …

Judging my this quick sketch below of my work V life balance above I did last week…. I think my “knowledge” of my work & business far exceeds that of my personal life right now…. So there lies the problem, how can I start to spend more time on me & what I want privately if I don’t actually know what I want to spend time doing or how to go about it?….

Many people get carried along with work, I know I’m not the only one. In particular Dubai is a wonderful example of this. It’s a work hard play hard city. Extreme.

There are those that go along quietly not acknowledging that they need to ‘switch the balance’ just keep chugging away until something important gives like their health, a relationship, or someone tells them “Hey, listen up sunshine, whats going on” Equally, there are others that wear this ‘all work no play’ life like a badge of honor, winge about it and yet never do anything about it … Other than moan! I’ve said this in other blog posts but everything you do in life is a choice, you can change it…. If u don’t know how, find a friend or coach to help you. Initially though you must acknowledge you need to do it, & often that’s the difficult part.

I don’t profess to be a perfect being, I’ve wanted to be, but i certainly don’t think i am…. there is no such thing anyway so why I strive to be a “perfect coach” is actually daft & a complete self contradiction. It most probably stems from some insecurity somewhere, & its been far easier to focus on work & throw myself into that & training. The sketch clearly shows I’ve no direction in the personal life aspect & work has been a majority focus, one I have embraced, enjoyed & driven forward like an uncontrolled wild horse since landing in the sandpit last year.
However the time has come to readdress, re-focus, tame the beast, bring balance and love back in and tip the scales little bit towards ‘Marti’…’fun’ & ‘laughter’ ….. Which is something I always used to have nailed down pretty god damn well as a life priority!!

So, I started to think about what I wanted from my private life …. I asked myself …
“Who do you live your life for”?
“What is important”
“What do you truly want out of life”?
“How can you attract the things you want more of”

I then based what i wanted more of in my life around these areas, & as crazy as this sounds I had to really really think about this! … Crikey have I become that narrow minded!?

1). Fun & laughter – How, what do I want to do, what does this look like to me
2). Love — what does this mean to me, what does it look like, feel like etc
3). happiness — what does this mean to me? How can I bring more into my ‘private’ life. Who is involved, how am I involved, where, when, how?
4). Just for me — complete me time. No one else. Just me. What does this look like, how often, when, where.

I then thought about the ways I can attract more of these into my life …. You know, I believe in mindset & attitude as being the underpinned foundations of making ANYTHING happen in your life … Ive proven this time again with my own experiences. So I had to really think about how this was going to happen, what it looked like & how my attitude to work V life might alter to get this … First I had to see what had changed, acknowledge this & then plan for switching the balance….

They might be different for you but Based on these 4 simple things that are personal to me I was able to come up with a plan, that kicks off with immediate effect ….

A couple of weeks ago after speaking with a friend I realized I needed a proper holiday. The last one was well over 3 years ago & as life has been non stop, full on craziness & in particular a few difficult weeks recently … It’s about time.

So, This is just the initial part of the story. I have decided to write about the next bit too…. Tomorrow I am heading to Thailand. For the first 7 I’m gonna kick some ass at a Muay Thai training camp … Bit random, but sounded fun & will give me the chance get away, free my mind & to learn something new too…. Who knows what the rest of the trip will entail…

Due to work circumstances I’m now going solo, initially I was a bit like “fuck” “travel to a new country alone, for a week, not sure I can do this” even though i travelled alone in my mid 20’s and had a ball, I still contemplated changing plans initially … But then i thought, hang on a mojo girl, what would you tell yourself if you were your own client? In a few words “Fricking amazing, go for it, it’s gonna be an adventure”

So, I’m now very excited, as this has ‘created’ a flipping fantastic opportunity for me to head off completely independently, soul time, me time, and have an adventure!


Yes it can feel a bit like you’re at cross roads sometimes but Think about it …… though sometimes it’s seems we don’t always get what we want, or life seems difficult, we have to see that in these situations there is often something better, hidden to find, you just have to LOOK for it……

….. One of my best friends said to me last night “Marti, no one said on their death bed, I wish I had worked more hours in the day” …..

‘Switching the balance, intentionally’ …

See you in Thailand …. X



2 responses to “Switching the balance with intent ….

  1. Beautifully expressed. I can really relate. Thanks for writing this! Cannot wait to hear about your adventures with fight camp AND about all the relaxation, too…we tend to focus on the physical and on others, and as you wrote, ME time = nourishing all elements, including the mind and soul! xo

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