Quick Rant about getting results ….

I was asked this week about some advice on getting ‘body results’ for a magazine back in the UK. The best fat blasting exercises, nutrition plan and so on. My reply seemed more like a rant, but it was a sincere one and am happy the lovely lady journalist was open-minded enough and liked what I wrote.

People these days just want fast this, fast that. They want results yesterday, but actually, if the truth be known they often don’t do enough to get those results!!. People just simply don’t work hard enough at getting their nutrition or training right. Often they don’t train hard enough either imo — they mess about then get frustrated when the results don’t happen. In the main you have to “stick” with a program, a training variable, a nutrition plan for a few weeks, not change it every few days or so — the body doesn’t visibly change that quickly, especially if you have a lot of fat to lose!!

In fact, a pretty good sum up is that the body never reacts as quickly as our mind wants or expects, but as fast as our physiology allows. This is unique to each and everyone  — No two bodies are the same!

Another interesting point, each time we train (optimally) we place a stress (a stimulus) on the body. This in turn causes a biochemical adaptation — basically communicating a need to change and alter, to adapt. Thus we actually NEVER TRAIN IN THE SAME BODY TWICE – Now, I actually think this is pretty damn cool! I learnt these things from my Dubai based mentor & coach (Amir Siddiqui – Symmetry Gym Dubai) . I’ve actually started using this line with my clients too and they absolutely LOVE it — this really is how facsinating the body actually is!!

Plus, I want to also mention that far too many people REST FOR FAR TOO LONG in the gym!! See it all the time and Gezus it breaks me. They sit there, texting, facebooking, or just sitting, sitting, sitting for aaaaagggges waiting – it’s like DUDE, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, MOVE YOUR ASS!!


When it comes to fat loss, higher intensity is key! (this should be periodised into the program of course) Keep the body moving, reduced/minimum rest. By increasing the intensity & reducing rest periods you jack up the energy expenditure of the body. Obviously if its muscle building per-sa as a primary goal then this is slightly different, but lets face it most people want fat loss in the main, but its worth noting that you can also build muscle doing it this way too!.

So in a nutshell, compound, upper, lower, 3-4-5 exercises back-to-back, giant sets, drop-sets, limited rest, varied tempo & CONSISTENCY PLEASE. People need to realize they have to stick with it to get results too, 4-6-8 weeks ….  Its an individual thing we all adapt and change at different rates but just keep going — stick with it see how it works for you!!.

Take measurements, pictures, circumference, weight, body fat – don’t just solely rely on how you “feel” — emotions, can be blind and cloud your the actual progress, and is a hindrance more than a help on occasions, especially with women (can lead to binging, low mood, unnecessary frustration if you just “feel” the lack of progress). So, make sure there are other quantitative measures you use too.

Plus, on another note you have to get your nutrition right for you!. People can train but if the nutrition message you give your body sucks then they will get limited results. FACT!

Think of all those people that train train train train in the gym, week in week out, year in year out — we’ve all seen them right — I see them EVERY day, that breaks me too. Seriously, man I’d be so bored if I didn’t see results, but they keep going and never looking any different or actually even doing anything different either — there is a reason for this. Your body not only needs the right ‘foodie’ message to change but also the training one too!


If you always do what you have always done, you’ll of course going to always get out what you’ve always got — if that’s a plateau and then no more results, then it doesn’t really matter how much you keep doing the ‘same’ program/exercise you’ll get the same result – Zip All!

You need the right training element coupled with the correct nutrition. Many people get the foodie bit wrong, either not enough or too much — remember under feeding is as bad as over feeding when building your body. Or TBH its probably likely to be both being rubbish and a complete overhaul is needed!!


So much more I could add on this but would make a BIG article (rant), there is smoke flying off the keyboard just from writing this, so I will stop here!

Have a great weekend xxx 🙂


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