Food Is Not the Enemy … Love it :)

This week I posted the following onto my face book page. It got such a great response I have decided to write a little further on that matter with a more personal touch added.


“Restricting calories below what your body actually needs to function WILL make you unhealthier!!! Yes, It MAY make you leaner in the short term, but don’t be fooled, if this is left unchecked you will end up losing lean tissue. Your body is insanely clever it uses whatever it needs to provide energy to fuel bodily systems — a smaller, unhealthier you! Great, just what you wanted right! — Wrong, No I didn’t think so. When I ask my clients to answer the following “What do you value more, getting into those pants or your long term health”? I always get the same response in the end. ‘Health’.

NOW I have spoken about this before and in my blogs you have to eat to lose, and yes this includes carbs and fats — shock horror yes yes you read that correctly FATS & CARBS!! and some of you may be thinking right now, but the magazines said this, the bloke on the TV said that, and my mates say the other ….. There will always be matter of opinion, but I guarantee you this if you want long term biological sustainability when it comes to living a leaner, healthier and happier life you gotta eat da food. This means you must consume protein, healthful fats and yes you must include starches and NO you don’t stay on the same plan forever and ever and ever. AMEN. Thats A) Dumb, B). Boring as hell and C). Not healthy …. although to be fair, when it comes to food I have been Dumb, Boring and not healthy maaaaany times over the years, that said I don’t you to!!! 🙂

Foodie history; we live in a world of nutritional abundance, although not all good though, we all love the plethora of food choices. Feast and famine is part of our human culture, its nothing new you only have to look back through the ages to see its part of who we are as humans. In response to this we have evolved as a species for this. In time of plenty the body still prefers to store — for times of famine. So, basically when you go on a chronic-long term restriction of cals this will back-fire as it triggers the bodies biology to store … cal restriction, fasting, juice dieting, whatever your “lose weight fast” plan tells you, gives your body the chemical message that a food emergency lies ahead….. and eventually full blown survival mode kicks in with brute force.

When you start to eat normal again, you find that your body then stubbornly (frustratingly for you) builds its fat stores again ready for that next famine (magazine or TV faddy-diet). This then becomes a cycle you get into and is hard to remove yourself from as you battle to keep control on your body.

This is the VERY reason that NON of my clients are ever on a restricted food plan — altho they often don’t get it immediately when they soon learn the benefits of biological sustainability.

Prolonged fasting (cal restriction) or feasting (binging) just does not produce the long term, sustainable fat loss/weight loss results. It leads to fat conservation, hunger, cravings, and bingeing as you are literally fighting with your own body (hormones always win BTW) to obtain and retain the nutrients it needs.

Many many people especially women fall into this cycle of trying this, trying that, everything in an attempt to find something that works, fast. Their pal has lost weight on this awesome program, or the latest craze promoted in magazines, TV ad’s or gyms. It just doesn’t work — long term!. Think about it, have you successfully lose the weight you have gained and kept it off? Food is there to be enjoyed, treats are all part of that enjoyment too. If food becomes a chore of counting calories or food groups, then it becomes a stressor, psychologically and physically! During my coaching programs all my clients enjoy the foods they love to savour as treats, but they also learn how to eat the right foods/types to get them to their body goals and keep themselves looking that way…


You have to get your head around working at this in the longer term , its a lifestyle choice, there is no such thing as fast fat loss and also, food is not the enemy!. Food is there to serve you, it nourishes you, it can speed up fat loss (or slow it), stimulate muscle growth (or breakdown). It down regulates and up-regulates your system by a chemical/hormonal responses triggered by whatever foodie stimulus passes your lips.

My best advice is if you have a history of erratic eating, anorexia, bulimia, or are struggling to lose weight/body fat, then invest in yourself by employing a coach that can help you get the results you want.

It really will be the best money you will ever spend 🙂


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