Thoughts, Book Writing & Training …

Random Thoughts first ….


Ok some of you have been following me a while now (Thank you!) and know I’m about pushing my life-boundaries. I have no idea where this impulsion to do so comes from, but rather than psycho-analyze myself too much I just accept this as who I am and embrace it and it certainly keeps my life interesting…

Rarely do I think or act by the average norm or ever have – ask my parents!  I’m pretty stubborn and argumentative when I am passionate about something.

Where I have taken great pleasure in watching my friends grow into little families, I’m now one of only a few who hasn’t, even my little sister whom never wanted to enter the world of pro-creation is proving she is a complete earth mother. Like we ever doubted that but her…

Me, well I’d love a mini-me one day but as you know I’m devoted to my work right now, my desire to help women feel & look great, continue with my studying and to develop my writing fulfill me immensely.

Having one of those brains that finds it difficult to switch off, writing for me is incredibly calming it takes me out of thinking about clients programs, nutrition and lifestyle habits, or my own for that matter into a place where I create. Having interaction with the words and making them fit as if I am speaking to the reader is something I love to play around with.

Currently, I write this blog, articles for a couple of health mag’s and am writing a book. Without giving too much away it is specifically targeted to women wanting to Live a confident, fit, healthy and happy life, in the crazy old world we live in today. It is my intention to create a book that serves as a life long guide.


I have many ideas of how this will look, feel, read and I want it to reach all of these senses. In the main women are very emotional creatures, experiences often shape our behavior and the way we think, feel and interact is unique to this. I want to look at this in my book, so I am able to reach and support more women to feel empowered and take control of life, to really live it.

In my time as a trainer/coach it always saddens me initially when I hear the stories of low self-esteem, confidence, the ‘what-If’s’, destructive eating behaviors and in particular the un-vocalized negative and damn right hurtful self-thoughts. No girl would let their best friend speak to them like that, yet these unproven words often go unchecked over much time until ‘she’ actually believes this to be a true representation of who ‘she’ is. Which actually is rarely based on any factual evidence but more false self-opinion. We all do it about minor trivial things in life sure, but its really damning when it gets a hold of your mind — I know because I have been there — and got the hell out too 🙂

This is what makes working with women interesting, because we all sit along the length of the continuum, from Bad-ass-check-me-out-confident to shy-self-loathing and I work with my ladies to help shift them towards a more confident place they feel happy with. When this happens, their world literally changes, seen it happen many many times now – new gym wear, new hair, shoulders back, they carry themselves prouder and more confidently, there is excited talk of a new wardrobe of clothes, new bikini’s, new life goals they literally come ‘alive’ its AMAZING!! 🙂

That said doesn’t mean we all have to walk around with big grins on our faces like a Cheshire cat – all of the time!


People often say to me, “Marti you are always so smiley” Yeh, in the main I really am an incredibly chirpy person, I genuinely see the best in people and life but you know what, sorry to burst the illusion here for some but even I have days of ‘Meh’ too …  You are entitled to have a crap day – its ok — everyone does you know, even the really positive people!! It’s called being human … No drama, doesn’t mean your diet isn’t working, your training sucks, you body isn’t changing, or in my line of work all the other things I hear … It’s just a non-feelin it day ok.

Me and my #fitchickslift partner say to each other – Just keep bloody well going girl, It’ll pass….. If you don’t follow our page on Face book do it now — lots to share 🙂

Ok. Onto comp prep News. My body just keeps on changing.  In fact it is changing that rapidly my training partner whom I have not seen for only 5 days, when he saw me this morning was like ‘wow’ check out your arms & your legs! … ok, that’s sad I know but when training for a comp THAT is compliment you wanna hear!… I am assuming its mostly fitness peeps reading this anyway so I know you’ll get it. (and yes I was grinning like a cheshire cat at this point)


Ok, Nutrition and training, what am I doing? — something that I have never done before. The way I am structuring my nutrition and training is a new stimulus to my body.  Plus I also believe that because I have been incredible vigilant with my health, nutrition, lifestyle and training in the main for the past 2 years now, everything is getting back into balance and harmony.

This fits with a few conversations I have had both in the past and more interestingly so recently, I have been open-minded to metabolic memory and physiological patterns developing dependent on the lifestyle you have ‘lived’ in the past and I am sure that this is also what is going on with me right now.

As a self-confessed Yo Yo girl, I’ve had more ups, downs, and rounds with dieting than I can even begin to remember. First dieting at the age of 15 it became a repetitive lifestyle pattern. Then training, I’ve absolutely SMASHED myself into the ground, training up to 3x day 7 days a week till I can barely walk and everything in between. I Love to train hard,  love the rush and feeling I get from the exertion, the challenge, maybe because I haven’t found anything that comes close to that feeling possibly? — mind jumping out of a plane was pretty close!. It rocks. I suppose you could say I was an extremist, with an all or nothing approach. Now, although I still work incredibly hard when I train and get that adrenaline rush, I have taken the time to work on the extreme part of this. Now knowing how to eat and train safely, at the right times and not for a crazy length of time, structured!. Listening to my body has been a big big part of this.

So, currently with my nutrition I do not do the same thing every day or even every week. I am changing it up every few days, completely in response to what my body looks like. My macro’s change, but in the main I have lower starches, compared to pro and fats. The starches I do have are post workout and in the first meal following post workout within 60mins. The complex carbs will start to drop the nearer to comp I get, yet I will continue to watch my physique closely and keep in tune to my body and decide. You could say this is a personal experiment, given my history of yo-yo and extremist behavior. We are all unique, so how can a certain macro split be an absolute for every person (male or female). Females have a delicate hormonal balance too, which is absolutely why one plan certainly does not fit all, or what works for me might not you and where individualised training, nutrition and supplementation comes in to play its part.

Training, yes, I’m working hard of course I do not believe in not working your body hard, it changes against the load, tempo or whatever variable placed upon it. If I were not challenging my body then why would it bother to adapt? It wouldn’t … Again this changes fairly frequently although not as often as my nutrition of course.

This is how I am looking 15 weeks 5 days out …


If you have any questions, want to hear about something particular in my blog or want to join my online coaching program then do message me on I would be very happy to help ….


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