Sole with Rosemary, Ginger & Chilli

Makes 1 portion: In approx 25mins 


Fillet of Sole

tsp Ceyenne chilli

Sprig of Fresh Rosemary

2x tsp cracked black pepper

Ginger strips

Stir Fry Veggies:


green beans


Ideally cook in a large frying pan, where you can place the fish in the middle surrounded by the veg.

Use coconut oil to cook this meal. Heat coconut oil in pan, add the black pepper and ginger. Place the fish in the pan and sprinkle more cracked pepper & ceyenne (as much as you like) over the fish. No need to use a knife, break/snap the veg by hand and place the chopped veggies around the Sole and cook on a medium heat.

Turn fish after 5-6mins. Do not over cook the veg ideally they will still have a crunch once ready ….

This dish will take about 25 mins from prep to plate so is ideal for working week nights or  when time is precious.

Reduce utensils & crockery used cook in one pan and rip veggies by hand!!

Want To Know More?:

Ginger, Ceyenne and coconut oil are natural medicines that can help improve body composition.

Ginger – supports venous flow especially in the lower body, is anti inflammatory and supports digestion.

Coconut Oil – Is a MCT that is easily digested, supports immune function, reduced inflammation, improves absorption of vitamins and is a great energy source.

Ceyenne Chilli: Increases thermogenesis (metabolism), supports digestion and is also anti inflammatory.


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