The Need to Stretch often ….

I am not talking about this in the gym sense of the word ‘stretch’, but reaching beyond our current level of comfort in life.

This is a road less travelled by many, humans like familarity and comfort, change causes unrest and because of that initial unpleasant feeling we often tend to get stuck in our comfort zones. A lovely place where everything feels familiar and easy, a warm, comfy and unchallenged blanket.

Many people remain within this comfort zone never realising that their potential for an even richer life lies not in what they see and do in ‘the zone’, but where they are yet to look & experience. Life is for living optimally and you can’t do that by living the exact same life all through your 20’s, 30’s and 40’s etc, we have the option everyday to evolve, mould and shape our unique worlds into something awesome. WE as individuals actually have the power to do this.

Reaching out and stretching into the unknown will feel weird at first, it will mean making changes absolutely, but then if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got!  Making change means that something will have to change for you, fact ….. Nothing to lose, only something to gain?

Change is part of the map of life that has the potential to take us to new destinations be that enriching an already fulfilled life, or from unhappiness to where we want to be in life, it opens new doors and opportunities, new people to meet, to allow us to grow as individuals. To flourish personally or professionally, I truly believe you must stretch out as regularly as you can.

Learn a language, read something out of the ordinary, take a course, set a personal challenge, do some charity work, it can literally be anything you wish just push your boundaries….

Do something that will make you feel a little uncomfortable today & you will grow as a person tomorrow…..

That which does not destroy me, makes me stronger

Friedich Nietzsche


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